Please send the lastest dumps & suggestion for CCNA to [email protected] com. daryll. August 13th, thank you 9tut for the lab sim. CCNA Mon Feb 10, am I used 9tut for the Lab Sims practice and examcollection for the questions. Beware though, not all the I rescind my congrats due to you using dump sites to cheat on your exam.:naughty . CCNA – ICND 1&2 FAQs & Tips · ROUTE Website · SWITCH Website · TSHOOT Website. Top. footer logo. Copyright © ICND1 & ICND2. Privacy Policy.

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The below are mock questions that were about to appear in exam CCNA The console terminal D. B, C, E Question 3 Syslog was configured with a level 3 trap.

Which 3 types of logs would be generated choose three A. A Question 7 What are the three things that the Netflow uses to consider the traffic to be in a same flow?

L3 protocol type E. B Question 11 What levels will be trapped if the administrator executes the command router cfg logging trap 4 Choose four. A, C, D, E Question 12 What are the three things that netflow uses to consider the traffic to be in a same flow?

L3 protocol type Answer: Highest IP address of the loopback is used C. The active virtual gateway will reply with one of four possible virtual MAC addresses. All GLBP member routers will reply in round-robin fashion. The active virtual gateway will reply with its own hardware MAC address. The GLBP member routers will reply with one of four possible burned in hardware addresses.

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It monitors traffic flow and link utilization. It ensures the best VRRP router is the virtual router master for the group. It causes traffic to dynamically move to higher bandwidth links D. It thwarts man-in-the-middle attacks. GLBP is an open source standardized protocol that can be used with multiple vendors.

GLBP supports up to virtual routers. GLBP can load share traffic djmps a maximum of four routers. The HSRP default timers are a 3 second hello interval and a 10 second dead interval. HSRP supports only clear-text authentication. dumpa

HSRP supports up to groups per interface, enabling an administrative form of load balancing. Utilizing Syslog improves network performance. The Syslog server automatically notifies the network administrator of network problems. A Syslog server provides the storage space necessary to store log files without using router disk space. Enabling Syslog on a router automatically enables NTP for accurate time stamping.


A Syslog server helps in aggregation of logs and alerts. C, D, F Question 19 A network administrator enters the following command on a router: What are 9gut message types that will be sent to the Syslog server?

D Question 21 What command instructs the device to timestamp Syslog debug messages in milliseconds? To identify applications causing congestion. To authorize user network access.

To diagnose slow network performance, bandwidth hogs, and bandwidth utilization. To detect suboptimal routing in the network.

To confirm the appropriate amount of bandwidth that has been allocated to each Class of Service. A Question 25 What Cisco IOS feature can be enabled to pinpoint an application that is causing slow network performance? B Question 26 What command visualizes the general NetFlow data on the command line? C Question 27 What are three values that must be the same within a sequence of packets for Netflow to consider them a network flow?

A, D, E Question 28 What are three factors a network administrator must consider before implementing Netflow in the network? It requires the use of ARP. It can support multiple IPv6 subnets on a single link.

CCNA – Troubleshooting

It supports up to 2 instances of OSPFv3 over a common link. It routes over links rather than over networks. B Question 31 What are the Popular destinations for syslog messages to be saved?

The logging buffer RAM C. Hi guys none these question above was in my teste today I got Q8 but it only gave me one choice answer. I passed the test though. I would know if the lab simulation is the same at the old ccna exam Can you please post the pdf format? You said that you would help us on examcollection, please help us out tut!!!! Hello Guys I hope you will be fine there. Each voucher cost 70USD. Thanks, Best regards, Adeel. Hi guys thank you very much for all the info. Hi admin, in my exam today I found new question about etherchannel command and syslog EIGRP would you please add the updates thank you.

Hi Adminyour question no. Questions 1, 13, 17, 18, 24, 26 in my exam today. Please note that on question 18 the answers should be B,C,D. Thank you very much examtut.

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Some questions from here showed up so this was helpful. If think the correct answer is ABD; C is not correct, isn’t it? The righ answers are B, E and F Source: What is SNMPv2 authentication procol.


Etherchannel has been configured on Switch1 as shown. Thanks 9tut, examtut and Examcollection. For the SNMP quastion: Q2 Etherchannel Questions that goes like this Refer to the exhibit. The linked dump is for an HP switch product and not Just passed my test today Network Admin creates a layer 3 Etherchannel, bounding 4 9ut into channel group 1.

On what interface is the IP address configured? A the port-channel 1 interface B the highest number member interface C all member interfaces D the lowest number 9tur interface Answer is A I also used the dump on examdump. Hello Friend, I cleared today Share it with me if possible. Thanx cna, 9tut,examtut and everyone who comments IP default network and ip route are added as well.

Questions that are still in my mind: Hi all, Q4 and Ddumps Anyone can help to check the correct answer. Community String Authentication Protocol: Which are 214 valid labs? CBT Nuggets, Todd Lammle’s bookreal practice on hardware and of course examtutand dumps from http: In one simletwhich I have never seen anywhere, four questions were asked.

One question was about connectivity issue and it was because one of the loopback interface was shutdownbut it was advertise by EIGRP while in other question one of the network was not advertises 99tut in one question problem in forming the neighbour relationship and it was because of passive interface.

Labs and simlets same as mentioned here on examtut. Clear your concepts prepare: EIGRP ccnq can solve with the show ip route and show run command. I passed these couple of days.

Hi All, Dumpd and Q32 answer: Hi, just passed my ccna today! These new questions are very valid along with the examtut. These are the new questions that I got from here: Forgot to add that the Etherchannel question was also on my test: Refer to the exhibit.

January 20, at 5: What new dump you know were is correct? Please tell more us.