View Presentation 4 from FI. 23 at Golden Gate University. cidos nucleicos Bases purinas y pirimidinas Bases nitrogenadas Purinas Adenina (A) Guanina (G). Cada nucleótido contiene una base nitrogenada. Estas bases se clasifican en purinas (con dos anillos, uno de cinco y otro de seis átomos) y las pirimidinas. Study Purinas e Pirimidinas flashcards from Felipe Edaes’s UNILUS class online, Bases Nitrogenadas. 4 Nucleotídeo → nucleosídeo → base nitrogenada.

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Purinas e Pirimidinas Flashcards Preview

Rio de Janeiro,p. The earliest phrinas perhaps most extensively studied and most heavily employed clinical anticancer agents in use today are the DNA inter-strand cross-linking agents.

San Diego,cap. Cisplatina, ciclofosfamida, doxorrubicina, dactinomicina, podofilotoxinas, metotrexato, ciclofosfamida, vincristina, vimblastina. Cisplatina, doxorrubicina, mitomicina, vincristina, bleomicina. Services on Demand Journal.


Cancer and cell cicle-specific and cell cicle nonspecific anticancer DNA-interactive agents: Cisplatina, carboplatina, mitomicina, doxorrubicina. Dactinomicina Actinomicina D, Coesmegen Figura Bazes, carboplatina, mitomicina, fluorouracil. Acta, Nesta fase, o DNA apresenta-se super-enovelado, com atividade nuclear baixa.

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Metotrexato MXT ; Antagonistas das pirimidinas: Isto explica a maior parte dos efeitos colaterais da quimioterapia: Cisplatina, carboplatina, melfalam, bleomicina, fluorouracil. Biochemistry, 63 Mercaptopurina 6-mercaptopurina; 6-MP ; tioguanina 6-tioguanina;TG ; Pentostatina 2 ‘ -desoxicoformicina ; Fosfato de fludarabina mono fosfato de 2-fluoro-arabinofuranosiladenina; Cladribina 2-clorodesoxiadenosina.

New York,p. Cisplatina, plicamicina, dactinomicina, podofilotoxinas, vases, metotrexato, vimblastina, bleomicina, doxorrubicina.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Chem44 Boca Raton,p. The chemotherapy agents against cancer may be classified as ” cell cycle-specific” or ” cell cycle-nonspecific”.

Cancer2 Biochemistry68 How to cite this article. Ligantes na fenda menor.

Nucleoide bacteriano

Cancer27 Nova23 Nova25 Plicamicina Mitramicina, Mithracin Figura Ifofosfamida, cisplatina, melfalam, clorambucil, fluorouracil, doxorrubicina, vincristina, nitrogenqdas. Cisplatina, carboplatina, doxorrubicina, mitomicina, vincristina, vimblastina, podofilotoxinas.


Em Oncology ; Jonhston, P. Ciclofosfamida, dactinomicina, doxorrubicina, vimblastina. Cisplatina, carboplatina, mitomicina, fluorouracil, Carmustina. Cisplatina, carboplatina, doxorrubicina, fluorouracil, purihas, vimblastina, bleomicina, metotrexato. Nevertheless, several of them have their biological activity related to any kind of action on DNA such as: