The MTS design criteria was to build an all-tube guitar amp that Carvin has long known about the effects of miss-loading a guitar pickup which can. A few months ago, I purchased a used Carvin MTS from a friend . ive herd of this before unfortunately i blew my mts up last night. User review from MGR/dourdeeds about Carvin MTS Head: Carvin MTS- 50th Anniversary Model.

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Because of this, they hold onto power for a long time. Thanks for the tip. It was worth every penny and more. Basically, I put diodes back in so I at least wouldn’t have to fight the grid-blocking while trying to diagnose all the OTHER issues with the amp, which ended up being a blown screen resistor, a bad plate resistor on the reverb, and a damaged trace at the power inverter.

I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AT7 and all it did was make the 33200 a little quieter, but just as harsh. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians.

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Oh, and for what it’s worth, I didn’t put in the pf in parallel, which would actually increase treble rather than reduce it think of it like the bright cap on a volume pot. At least they kept them out of the V I’m not farvin how else to describe it. Help FAQs Go to top. My guess is that it’s an anemic power amp into a “meh” output transformer.

First, you always have to take into account the wall voltage. I’ve had a lot more expensive stupid experiments! And if it ever falls out of favor, it won’t take up much room in your closet!

opinions on the carvin MTS 3200 head?

The 12AT7 not Y i was mistaken lowered the overall gain which helped out quite a bit. I am a crazy fool that has no problem poking around inside tube amplifiers. This amp model in general is a bit of an odd one.


Sep 10, 7. It has output jacks for a FS22 footswitch, cabinet voiced line out, and an effects loop. Well, last night I finally got the proper resistors soldered in and this morning I’ll get the capacitor put in there. Also, has this modification worked out for you? But of course I found your blog, and I can’t leave well enough alone, so I tore the amp apart again and did the mods. I had been “out” of electric guitar playing for some years, and bought mine back in like something, and I really had lost all knowledge of amps, styles, prices This review was originally published on http: It’s very accomodating for a pedal platform.

Sep 10, 9. The best thing to try is to put a cap in position with an appropriate value approximately to block DC. Solid state crvin are infinitely more forgiving, but if you just plug in the headphone into the preamp out without anything connected to the actual speaker outputs, you will ultimately fry things. Other may find themselves in the same rabbit-hole so I’ll throw out some ideas.

This amp will due just fine sitting all nice and pretty in a studio or you can take it out on the road doing out-door gigs in Omaha, NE and let the whole world literally enjoy its magic. If you look on ebay you can get a used legacy for less than the mts head. I have certainly found things I like better over the mte but the JCM was fine. Even at watts into a very good cabinet, it doesn’t rock the way you would expect. Channel two is clean-ish with a single volume.

It is not a Fender clean by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s competent for most things. I would say, fire up the soldering iron, replace the popped resistors, and try, try again!

W Tango Delta June 17, at 4: So with EL34’s the V1 and V2 filaments average 4. Even compared to my B52 AT, it can’t compete for smooth, rich tube distortion. However, the voltage inside these bad boys can kill.


opinions on the carvin MTS head? | Harmony Central

All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. I just acquired one of these in a trade. Phil MhsSep 10, Good Deals with- Poe Too high of voltage and your main voltage from the transformer will be higher, while too low and the voltage drops off.

Former band mate used one. And not like it needed to be above four volume, I’m talking cranked. It’s not so huge of a deal in most xarvin amps, but I also carvjn to do a lot of vintage amp work and in that case it is a big deal. But, it’s not to say it’s bad either. If your circuit is worth protecting then just throw a fuse in rather than something like a melting resistor.

Search Media New Media. I heard this turns the lead channel into a plexi-type sound, which is fine, but have you experienced any of the grid blocking that has been reported? I ultimately stated at the middle of the road with the resistor values and worked incrementally to find what worked for my ear and sounded pleasing. Anyway, I basically kept the diodes in because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to mod it properly, and I kinda dug the “metal tone” which works for me as a primarily metal player.

The big thing was that several factors come into play to arrive at the final values. However, at 50 watts this thing will break glass from a block away.