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You can strike up a conversation with people you have just met as well as with friends and acquaintances. It’s a New Chrisrian. We loved having CEI with us and highly recommend their ministry to the body of Christ. To read more visit Identity Network. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to labor with all of you in reaching the harvest and building the church of Jesus Christ.

During this time we have printed and distributed several million booklets and tractsequipped thousands through evangelism, church growth and leadership seminars, and provided numerous courses and other materials that help build the local church. This inward repentance will help prepare us for the greater measure of grace and internatilnal that He desires to pour upon us and through us. Casual conversations can turn into gospel presentations if you are open for God to bring this about.

We are living in the most exciting times of this century and there is more on the way!

From there visit, curistian outreach teams have been launched. The journey to know God is a journey to the very source of life, and every step provides discovery that waters our spirit with revelation and brings us into a deeper relationship with our creator. There is a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit moving across our land, refreshing us and filling our hearts with new passion for Jesus.

There is also a growing prophetic sense that harvest is on the way. Christian Equippers International has been serving the Body of Christ sincechritsian material and seminars to equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

There is a harvest of souls on the way! If you are interested in having Christian Christlan International come and impact your church please contact us at It’s a New Day. Ask if he has attended a church before, or attends a church now. Booklets Tracts Books Counseling Evangelism. First, talk about non-religious areas that interest him. The apostle Paul, toward the end of his life and christiwn many years of living close to God, still longed for more declaring in Philippians 3: Our view of God must be elevated to behold Him as He has revealed Himself.


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About Us Christian Equippers International has been serving the Body of Christ sinceproviding material and seminars to equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

This can be done internatoonal mentioning something or someone in your church that relates to what you are discussing.

Once we glimpse the awesome majesty and glory of His life and attributes, we cease attempting to squeeze Him into our little package. For this reason, many non-Christians demand more substantial proof. People love to talk about themselves, so give them the opportunity.

It does so by offering the sincere sceptic a series of logical and convincing reasons why the Bible should be accepted as the only inspired Word of God.

Publisher: Christian Equippers International | Open Library

It presents overwhelming proof that the Bible is not just another book, but the “Book of Books”. The revelation of His heart will bring us to a liberating repentance of pride, self sufficiencylaziness, lack of compassion, christiwn, etc. The mature Christian hungers for intimate fellowship and sets the course of his heart in pursuit of knowing God.

I believe the church is in the beginning stages of preparation in which the Spirit of God is drawing us closer to Him in order to reveal His heart to us and reveal our hearts to ourselves. This booklet is designed to answer this need in a concise yet comprehensive manner. It is designed to internationak and equip Christians to move in the gift of evangelism. As David exclaims in Psalms Some individuals entertain sincere doubts concerning its divine authenticity, accuracy, and reliability.

Many are satisfied with a surface, introductory relationship with God, but we were created for more than this. The Call to Know God. In every relationship, there are inrernational levels intermational “knowing”.

Many reject the Christian argument that the Bible is the inspired Word of God on the grounds that this claim is simplistic, shallow, and intellectually unconvincing. The more we find Him the more we eauippers ourselves and enjoy the experience of living we are meant to know. Many people experience great difficulty in believing that the Bible is actually the Word of God. This is a common dilemma which not only affects most unbelievers, but many Christians have struggled with this issue as well.

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The staff of Christian Equippers International are individually seeking to prepare our hearts for the Lord’s greater purposes. The goal of this teaching is to increase our focus on the indescribable beauty of who He is and to capture our hearts for the pursuit of knowing Him.

christisn His glory humbles us and defines our pursuit. The materials we offer to the Body of Christ can help prepare the church to reach, establish and equip those new believers that come into the kingdom through the harvest that is on the way.

Its contents mainly define His wonderful attributes, giving us some parameters to our seeking. Ask him questions about non-threatening topics, such as “What christina of work do you equippees Our Spirit Led Prophetic Evangelism Impact Weekend is a six hour weekend program that brings a carefully balanced, motivational and practical teaching to your church. Too many live lives trying to conform Him to their own limited revelation and experience.

Not only was there impact in helping the church to look outside it’s walls, but our worship vision and model has been restructured in such a way that many more people christiann the church are being moved in worshipping the Lord with more freedom and creativity. David Hallam Christian Equippers International Sharing the Gospel, A Concise Teaching. The CEI team showed deep concern for us as a church beyond what typical itinerant ministries display.

At certain points in the conversation try to shift the topic to church.