Antibiotics have been the mainstay of therapy for most patients with Patients with clinically mild diverticulitis, typically with Hinchey stage 0. Acute left sided colonic diverticulitis is one of the most common clinical conditions encountered by surgeons in acute setting. A World Society of. Introduction: Acute diverticulitis (AD) is increasingly seen in Emergency services. The application of a reliable classification is vital for its safe and effective management. The Hinchey system is a surgical classification and as such it is not.

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Prospective randomized clinical trial assessing the efficacy of a short course of intravenously administered amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid followed by oral antibiotic in diverticuligis with uncomplicated acute diverticulitis.

Nuevas tendencias en el manejo de la diverticulitis y la enfermedad diverticular del colon. III Small amounts of free air and fluid.

A proper classification system can improve mutual communication between doctors of different specialties and support clinical decision making.

Review of current classifications for diverticular disease and a translation into clinical practice

Treatment for complicated AD varies from antibiotic use only to resective surgery of the inflamed area in case of peritonitis divegticulitis pneumoperitoneum It is the combination of specific symptoms that still form the basis for a differential diagnosis and the indication for additional examinations.


Drains were placed in three of the patients treated with antibiotics, with a good response. Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage for perforated colonic diverticulitis: Role of endoscopy in the management of acute diverticular bleeding.

Although diverticular disease clasifciacion more common among elderly patients, a dramatic rise of its incidence is seen in the younger age groups [ 2 ]. Diverticulosis the presence of bowel diverticula is an essentially ubiquitous phenomenon.

Int J Colorectal Dis ;25 Collins D, Winter DC. Such complaints are considered to be self-limiting, sometimes assisted by antibiotic therapy.

Hinchey Classification

Current status of acute colonic diverticulitis: Early use of CT in the management of acute diverticulitis diverticu,itis the colon. We acknowledge that the introduction of still another classification could be even more confusing.

Dis Colon Rectum ; Level of anastomosis and recurrent colonic diverticulitis. Of the 34 grade IV patients, 24 New physiopathological and therapeutic approaches to diverticular disease of the colon. Grade Ia 52, 8. At presentation, a CT scan or US provided an experienced radiologist is available has to be performed to rule out complicated disease.

Applicability, safety and efficiency of outpatient treatment in uncomplicated diverticulitis.

Hinchey classification of acute diverticulitis | Radiology Reference Article |

Long-term outcome of mesocolic and pelvic diverticular abscesses of the left colon: World J Gastroenterol ;16 7: Can superselective embolization be definitive for colonic diverticular hemorrhage? In the recent prospective randomized study by Biondo et al. Uniform classification in clear subgroups of diverticular disease could help the clinician in predicting outcomes and prognosis more accurately. If the perforation is very small, it may be contained often referred to by surgeons as a localized perforation.


It is now thought that after a conservatively treated episode, diverticular disease usually follows a rather benign course and that complications occur mostly at first presentation [ 103233 ]. De estos, el primero fue publicado en por Lameris y cols.

Nuevas tendencias en el manejo de la diverticulitis y la enfermedad diverticular del colon

A clinical decision rule to establish the diagnosis of acute diverticulitis at the emergency department. A prospective study of dietary fiber types and symptomatic diverticular disease in men.

Published data on clinical episodes of diverticulitis do not account for these subjective complaints, leading to an underestimation of the real scale of these mild manifestations of diverticular disease. In our study, of AD patients Grade Ib 49, 8.

Cost structure of laparoscopic and open sigmoid colectomy for diverticular disease: This procedure may relieve symptoms or function as a bridge to elective surgery.