Question regarding a FLuke A meter display. «on: January 28, , 04 am». So I’ve gotten into restoring “vintage” DMMs from Ebay. I’ve gotten. Download FLUKE A IM.V4 SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Hi guys. I managed to buy a Fluke A for £1, knowing that it wasn’t working. The selection switches were broken bar one, and they were.

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Controls, Indicators, and Connectors S i Table Remove the four side screws connecting the Front Panel to the side chassis.

Before troubleshooting the instrument, however, it should be verified that the cause for the malfunction is actually in the instrument and not caused by faulty external equipment or improper control settings.

Garland, Texas Federal Pacific Co. I’ve read the manual http: Generally a failure in the AC Converter will do one of two things: If the original container is not available, a new one can be obtained lfuke the John Fluke Mfg.

Connect a 1 megohm resistor and a 0. Select the 20 kfl range. Connect the test equipment voltmeter high input lead to TP8 volt supply. The line power cord is a three-prong, polariz- ed connector which permits the 88 10A to be connected to line power. Save on Multimeters Trending price is based on prices 88810a last 90 days.

California Pamotor Div. Autorange AUTO is included. For example, the reference designator Ull-6 identifies integrated circuit number 1 1 and the specific gate or function associated with pin 6. Specifications for the DOU are presented in Section 1 of this manual.


Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter Missing Rubber Foot Pad – Used

The following reminders of basic fault isola- tion will help determine if the cause if the result of an internal malfunction or faulty external connection. Close observation of the symptoms displayed on the front panel coupled with a knowledge of the theory of operation Section 3 may further define the problem area.

Texas Bucheye Stamping Co. The A front panel display will generally indicate flukke buffer malfunction in one of three ways.

Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter T34631

The most significant digit of the display is the first to be strobed out of Ull. Remove all plastic, vinyl and styrafoam products from the work area.

Compare the current DVM reading with that taken in step 3.

AC OptionV dc max. Noting the range or ranges affected by the malfunction may point to the gain control component or associated circuitry causing fulke problem.

Use the following procedure to test the opera- tion and accuracy of the dc voltage function and its ranges: Table 7A-1 defines the assembly revision levels documented in this manual with an X.

Determine the measurement functions that will be available when the AC Converter is installed, i. This allows the input to U3 to be changed from the dc voltage representing the unknowm input to the appropriate reference input without affect- ing the charge stored on C9.


Box Wellington, New Zealand Tel: Via Giuseppe Armeiimi 37 Rome. Fuse Replacement Total Quantity per assembly or component.

The probe tips include: Third, the display indicates that some value of offset is being added to all inputs. Massachusetts Chicago, Illinois Shakeproof Div.

Fluke A for Sale|Voltmeters|Meters|Test Equipment Center

If the voltage level during time period B is unstable, the reference supply input FET Q35 or control Q34 may be faulty.

Using the procedures, and packaging and bench techniques that are recommended. I only used them to test it. Input Terminal Connections A Chicago, Illinois Centrelab Electronics Div.

The contents of this section should be read before operating the digital multimeter. Box 04 Flke, Sweden Tel: Control and Display 3- 1 6.

Selecting the volt range in the VDC function, in addition to configuring the differential amplifier circuit for unity gain, closes relay K5 to provide a Use a grounded soldering iron.

If the voltage level remains at zero volts, the protection transistor, Q In the event the part you order has been replaced by a new or improved part, the replacement will be accompanied by an explanatory note and installation instructions, if necessary. Remove power cord from ac line. Improving Narrowband RF Systems: