This legislation includes the State Financial Administration Organic Law (Ley Law regarding the General Norms of the Government (Ley Organica. LEY N° “LEY DE BASES DE LOS PROCEDIMIENTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS QUE RIGEN LOS ACTOS DE LOS ORGANOS DE LA. Banco Central Articulo 1. La Administración del Estado estará constituida por los Ministerios, las Intendencias, las Gobernaciones y.

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For years oey public was merely informed whether or not the decisions were unanimous: Currently, however, courts continue to impose reporting restrictions. On June leey, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the verdict on appeal, making the ban definitive. In one case, based on the original denunciation of Losada’s lawyer, she was charged with breaching the secrecy of a criminal investigation secreto del sumario and of violating the above-mentioned norm in the Law on Abuses of Publicity.

It was impossible to discern on what grounds the ban on Bilbao had been maintained, since neither film was intended for commercial exhibition and both were of obvious cultural interest.

If this rule were applied generally, it would deny journalists, as well as the general public and civil society groups, the information necessary to exercise their own right of criticism, independent of their elected representatives. A higher age limit of twenty-one in the original decree was later eliminated to reflect the reduction of the legal age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen. The judges declared that it was “manifestly without basis” and ruled it inadmissable.

The two films were due to play in the Normandie art cinema in single screenings on July 23 and 24, as part of a successful tour that had already included eight Latin American countries. Such archaic procedures scarcely encourage a free flow of culture, information, and ideas.


Since the publication of our report on freedom of expression in Chile, the government has taken some important steps to promote the right of access to information possessed by public institutions, such as government ministries, public agencies, and companies whose activities affect the public interest.


Even less secure is the right of ordinary citizens, or members of civil society groups, to have access to official information. At the start of the projection, from the balconies of the big townhouse, Arturo Barrios and other young people had thrown pamphlets against censorship, which covered the sidewalk.

Although the ldy was made up of eleven persons, attendance was very sparse. Afani again refused to reveal any names on grounds of professional ethics. The admission of repeated writs of this kind is an invitation to anyone who feels his or her reputation is endangered by a publication to apply to a court to have it restrained.

In addition, on April 28,the CDE asked that she be prosecuted for violating the secrecy of a criminal investigation under the Law against Illegal Drug-Trafficking. Nor could the judgment establish that the honor of the petitioners was affected, since the film obviously made no reference to them, nor indeed could it be read as an attack on the Christian faith or on Christians generally.

The last two categories allow censors ample discretion in deciding when a film endangers public morality and public order, concepts that are left undefined in Decree Law These films may not be put on public exhibition. In AprilPresident Frei established a Commission on Public Ethics, composed of important political figures, jurists and academics, whose proposals were incorporated the following year into a bill on Honesty in Public Administration.

The Last Temptation verdict has two other disturbing implications. According to Article 11 Bis: Despite an important revival in Chilean cinema in recent years, much of the work of prize-winning Chilean directors in exile during the dictatorshiphas not yet been put on general exhibition in Chile.

By accepting that the film offended the honor of Christ, the judgment opened the door to the prohibition of any work critical of the orthodox view of figures who are worshiped or widely venerated.


ley de probidad chile pdf

Importantly, Article 7 of the bill established the principle that “the acts of the organs of public administration are public, apart from the exceptions established by law.

While the composition, powers, and modus operandi of the CCC have been subject to only cosmetic change since the election of President Aylwin, the council has adjusted its role in three respects: Is he lye at Ahumadaas the cgile maintain?

This was shown clearly in the Trillium case, currently before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in which the government Foreign Investment Committee failed to respond to a request from Terram, a non-governmental ecology group, for information about investment by the U. Civil rights lawyers, however, stressed to Human Hcile Watch that the new legislation needed to be tested over time and jurisprudence favoring the right to access consolidated step by step.

Nevertheless, since these are administrative rulings of a public body, film classifications may be subject to later review and amendment by that body if in the public interest. From until Julythe CCC banned fifty-two 35 millimeter films, and films in video format.

In JuneAfani wrote a series of articles in La Tercera and La Hora about a high-profile investigation being conducted by the Council for the Defense of the State CDE into a drug-trafficking and money-laundering conspiracy, which became lye as “Operation Ocean.

If 1575 is a person invested with legal rights, does he also have legal obligations? The European Court of Human Rights has held that “protection of journalistic sources is one of the basic conditions for press freedom,” and that mandatory disclosure is unacceptable unless “justified by an overriding requirement in the public interest.

Plans to exhibit the film were immediately stayed by a court order.